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DNS Server Information

The information below shows current load/stats on our authorative DNS servers.
The maximum figure is represented by historical maximum queries/sec achieved.
It is *not* an indication of the maximum capable!

Current load:
  (aggregate)     (IPv6-RTT)     (IPv4-RTT)     (location)     Aggregate Queries/sec  
  ns.dan.me.uk     IPv6 RTT     IPv4 RTT     Bolton, GB     ns.dan.me.uk Queries/sec  
  ns.dan.is     IPv6 RTT     IPv4 RTT     Manchester, GB     ns.dan.is Queries/sec  
  ns.dan.cm     IPv6 RTT     IPv4 RTT     Amsterdam, NL     ns.dan.cm Queries/sec  
  ns.dan.tv     IPv6 RTT     IPv4 RTT     Hemel-Hempstead, GB     ns.dan.tv Queries/sec  
  ns.dan.xxx     IPv6 RTT     IPv4 RTT     Roubaix, FR     ns.dan.xxx Queries/sec  
  ns.dan.tm     IPv6 RTT     IPv4 RTT     Frankfurt, DE     ns.dan.tm Queries/sec  
  ns.dan.host     IPv6 RTT     IPv4 RTT     Sydney, AU     ns.dan.host Queries/sec  
  ns.dan.network     IPv6 RTT     IPv4 RTT     Tokyo, JP     ns.dan.network Queries/sec  

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