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Tools and Information

Welcome to www.dan.me.uk, a collection of tools and information.

You are free to use the tools on this site for any personal use. Below is a list of each tool with a brief description.

BGP Lookup Tool
    A tool to display the current IP prefixes announced by a given autonomous system. This is done in real time,
    so is always accurate. Now includes IPv6 prefixes!

DNS Blacklists (DNSBL)
    DNS blacklists can be used to quickly identify an IP address as being involved in an activity.
    e.g. My most popular dnsbl is to identify IPs that are TOR nodes.

IP Information Tool
    This tool provides extensive information about an IP address, including location information,
    routing information and if it is a TOR node. Now includes limited IPv6 support!

IP Subnet Calculator
    Calculates all subnets for a given IP from a /32 down to a /1. It gives the full network,
    broadcast, subnet mask and IP count for each subnet.

Filter List Generator
    This tool uses registry info (from RIPE/RADB/etc) to generate a filter list of IP blocks.
    It is used to generate ingress BGP filters, or just for curious views of Autonomous Systems!

Password Tool
    This will encrypt a password. It can also generate random 16 character passwords.

Tor Checker Tool
    A tool to check the TOR status of an IP, giving full detailed TOR information.

Tor Node List
    A full tor node list (not more than one hour old) in script-readable format.

Website Info Tool
    A tool for checking information about a website's server and software.

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