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Welcome to the site!
Everything you ever wanted to know about who Dan is.
This mostly contains hints and tips, or how-to guides for the FreeBSD operating system.
A tool to display the current IP prefixes announced by a given autonomous system.
This is done in real-time, so should always be accurate.
DNS blacklists can be used to quickly identify an IP Address as being involved in an activity.
e.g. My most popular DNSBL is to identify IPs that are TOR nodes.
This tool uses registry info (from RIPE/RADB/etc) to generate a filter list of IP blocks.
It is used to generate ingress BGP filters, or just for curious views of autonomous systems!
This tool provides extensive information about an IP address, including location information, routing information, and if it is a TOR node.
Calculates all subnets for a given IP address from a /32 down to a /1.
It gives the full network, broadcast, subnet mask, and IP count for each subnet. (IPv4 only currently)
This will hash a password (either supplied, or randomly generated).
A full tor node list (not more than one hour old) in script-readable format. Contains links to both full and exit-only node lists.
A tool to check information about a website's server and software.
Some information about my Amateur Radio hobby.
I have some domain names surplus to requirement and I'm willing to sell them.
Some of you asked how you could donate to me, so here is how (if you wish)
Random pictures from Dan's life, could be of anything really.
If you have email hosted with me, this is where you can login to webmail if configured.
Copyright © 2024 Daniel Austin MBCS.
Proudly hosted using the FreeBSD operating system.
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