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About Me

Name: Dan
Age: 40 years old
E-mail Address: me@dan.me.uk
Hobbies & Interests: Electronics, Computing, Programming, UNIX Operating Systems, Amateur Radio
Programming Skills: PHP, C, C++, Shell, BASIC, Pascal, x86 Assembler
Other Skills: Security consultancy, System Integration, UNIX System Administration, Internetworking & Design
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Although I had a basic computer from an early age (I don't remember remember when exactly), I had never seen an x86 based computer until secondary school (around age 11). Since then, I have been interested in all things computer related and I have extended my skills into computer theory, programming and internetworking.

I am an extremely fast learner and prefer to teach myself anything I need to know. I find learning by example an excellent method and usually more engaging than simply reading a book.
I have self-taught myself several programming languages (listed above). So long as I have a keen interest in a subject, I can teach myself how to use it.

After leaving school at 16, I dropped out of college. The lack of money, and boredom of college made it an easy choice for me. I got a job as a Computer Technician for a mail order computer company. My roles included building PCs as well as doing telephone support and repairs. I later moved onto doing laptop/notebook repairs, and onsite networking too.

After around 2 years, I took a break from computing for a couple of years before I was invited to move to Manchester, UK to take on the role of System & Network Administrator for a web design company. This also involved a lot of Web Programming.
Shortly after this, the company changed into an online application development company with myself working on most projects.
Sadly, a change of management made me no longer enjoy working for the company and I resigned after around 5.5 years. This led to me moving back to my hometown and starting my own ISP.

For the next few years, I ran an Internet Service Provider and did volunteer programming for a few organisations (most notably the Undernet IRC network).

I have now moved back up north, just outside Manchester, where I work for another Internet Service Provider as Technical Director.

I have activately worked on the following programming projects:

  GNUWorld - Undernet IRC Services (C++)
  Undernet iauthd - An Undernet IRC Authentication Daemon (C)
  Kewlio Looking Glass - A Cisco/Juniper/Zebra Router Looking Glass (PHP)

There are also several tools/projects listed on this site, which have been written mostly for my own use - you can take a look at them on the left-hand menu bar.

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