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Domain Names Sale

The following domain names are currently for sale (along with their guideline prices):

autocreate.co.uk               99 GBP
bgpinfo.net                    99 GBP
bj.me.uk                       99 GBP
bsd.tv                         99 GBP
da.me.uk                       99 GBP
digitalserver.co.uk            99 GBP
dja.me.uk                      99 GBP
dnssec.me.uk                   99 GBP
dyndns.co.uk                  499 GBP
dyndns.uk                     499 GBP
fk.me.uk                       99 GBP
homediy.com                   999 GBP
im.me.uk                       99 GBP
je.me.uk                       99 GBP
la.me.uk                       99 GBP
managedns.co.uk               199 GBP
managedns.info                199 GBP
managedns.uk                  199 GBP
meh.tv                         99 GBP
reallycute.co.uk               99 GBP
reallycute.uk                  99 GBP
sessy.co.uk                    99 GBP
under.me.uk                    99 GBP

To enquire and/or make an offer, please contact domains@dan.me.uk

All offers will be considered

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