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Amateur Radio

2E0NNX - two echo zero november november xray

2E0NNX operating mobile 2E0NNX home radio setup

At the end of March 2013, I passed my Foundation Licence exam and obtained my amateur radio license with the callsign M6NNX.
In April 2014, I passed by Intermediate Licence exam and obtained my amateur radio license with the callsign 2E0NNX.
I'm an active member of Bolton Wireless Club and can be found there at each meeting.

I operate in most UKAC contests (70cm, 2m, 6m, 4m and sometimes SHF bands: 3cm 6cm 23cm) on tuesday evenings.

I have the following equipment at home QTH in IO83SN:

* Kenwood TH-D72E handheld transceiver
* Icom IC-51E 50th Anniversay Edition handheld transceiver
* Motorola SL4010 handheld DMR transceiver
* Motorola DP3600 handheld DMR/Analog transceiver
* Baofeng UV-5R+ Qualette handheld transceiver
* Motorola DM4600 base/mobile DMR/Analog transceiver
* Spectrum Communications TRC4-10iL 4m transverter (4-25W)
* Icom IC-7100 base/mobile transceiver
* LDG IT-100 auto-tuner

70cm/2m Dual-band vertical antenna for FM operation
4m quarter-wave vertical
Watson Multi-Ranger 9 HF vertical (for 80m-10m HF)
13-element 70cm yagi
10-element 2m yagi
2-element 6m yagi
5-element 4m yagi
10m, 40m, 80m, 160m mobile HF whips (static mounted)

I can be found on the GB3PZ and GB3MP repeaters occasionally (and sometimes GB3CR when it is available to me).

I also operate an APRS iGate (2E0NNX-10) consisting of a homebrew 2m receive antenna into a HT and audio connected to a PC running YAAC software.

I believe I am the first UK foundation level amateur to have entered into a 10GHz/3cm UKAC contest.

I believe I am also the first UK intermediate level amateur to have entered into a 10GHz/3cm, 5.7GHz/6cm, 3.4GHz/9cm UKAC contest.

73 - Dan, 2E0NNX.

2013 70MHz Trophy Contest Leading Foundation Award   2013 10GHz SHF UKAC Leading Foundation Award   2013 SHF UKAC Leading Foundation Award  

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