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IP Information Lookup Tool

This will allow you to lookup various IP information.
(You can also use a regular 'whois' client against ipinfo.dan.me.uk to get the same output)

NOTE: There is a default limit of 24 queries per 24 hour period. If you are only looking for TOR
information, you should use my DNS Blacklists instead.

IP to Query:
Output from IPInfo tool:
% IPInfo - IP Information Service
% Copyright(c) 2008-2021, Daniel Austin MBCS
% Hello, 2001:67c:26b4:3:21e:bff:fec7:87a, pleased to meet you.
% NOTE: all AS numbers are now returned in asplain format.
% Fetching IP Information for ''...
Status: OK
Cache-Age: 1940
IP-Version: 4
Hostname: ec2-34-228-52-223.compute-1.amazonaws.com
Origin-AS: 14618
Origin-ISP: Amazon.com, Inc.
IP-NetName: AT-88-Z
IP-Description: Amazon Technologies Inc.,Seattle,WA
IP-Country-ISO: US
IP-Country: United States
IP-City: Ashburn
IP-Postal-Code: 20149
IP-Locality: Washington, DC
GPS-Location: 39.048100 -77.472801
% You have made 1 out of 24 allowed queries in the last 24 hours.
% Took 0.01 secs for data lookup(s)
% debug info follows
% Node: db3
%                sql   0.0046730042
%                log   0.0040159225
%        cache_check   0.0007739067
%                grt   0.0000000000
%             ipinfo   0.0000000000
%                dns   0.0000000000

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