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Patch for RTG to add graph titles and friendly legends

A lot of people asked me about my patches for RTG when I ran kewlio as they had titles and meaningful legends…

You can download my diff for rtg 0.7.4 from here

After you extra rtg, go into the rtg-0.7.4 folder and type:

patch -p0 < /path/to/dan-rtg-add-titles.diff

Build and install RTG as normal.

You can now add the following additional items to the rtgplot urls:

title=<url encoded graph title>
t1_name=<url encoded legend for t1>
t2_name=<url encoded legend for t2>

Yes… I know kewlio’s graphs had a cool background image too – but that’s not in this diff, sorry…  maybe later 🙂



RTG FreeBSD Startup Script

Ok Karl, here you go… Once you have installed RTG on your server from FreeBSD ports and configured it, you can add this script to your /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ folder.  Make sure it runs AFTER your mysql server starts or it will be useless!


case “$1” in
rm /tmp/rtgpoll.pid
/usr/local/bin/rtgpoll -c /usr/local/etc/rtg/rtg.conf -t /usr/local/etc/rtg/targets.cfg &
echo “Please specify ‘start’ or ‘stop'”